The ARCH (Autism Resource Coordination Hub) is run by South Lanarkshire Council and is located at Reid Street, Burnbank, Hamilton, ML3 0RQ.

View the Council’s leaflet by clicking here: SWR_ARCH_leaflet

The centre can be contacted on 0344 225 1111

Many services are run from the ARCH, including those of SAIL Autism

Open /Drop In Groups as follows:

Monday 10am – 12 noon – Parent Support Group (ICS and Lanarkshire Carer’s Centre)
Tuesday 10am – 2pm – Carers of Autism Spectrum Together (COAST) support group
Friday 10am – 2pm – ICS Support (Phone ARCH for an appointment) & Open Cafe.

Many other statutory services are using the ARCH to support people with autism.

Picture Roberto Cavieres.
Featured: Ramon Hutchingson, Arch Team Leader,, Carol Anne Fallone, Co-ordinator -Coast, Margo Mooney, Autism Advisor , Ross Macfadyen, Vice-Chair of SAIL – Supporting Autism in Lanarkshire.