Our People

Our officials are:

Linda Morrow (Chair)

Linda was previously involved with the NAS South Lanarkshire Branch for 6 years as Branch Officer.

She tirelessly raised funds for the A-Teen group for trips and activities. The most special of these being visits to Lego Land Windsor and the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Linda is passionate about creating social opportunities and promoting inclusion.

Ross Macfadyen (Vice Chair)

Ross was previously involved in the NAS South Lanarkshire branch for some 14 years.

Initially attending as a parent, he eventually became Branch Officer. During his tenure, Ross raised awareness of autism via a series of events, newspaper coverage and campaigns. He organised a successful event for the “I Exist” campaign, which was held in the Banqueting Hall, Almada Street.

In other campaigns, information packs on autism were also distributed to all schools in South Lanarkshire and GP surgeries and A&E units were supplied with a copy of Autism & Health Care books.

Ross has been a member of several pan- Lanarkshire groups which have sought to improve services of people and families affected by autism. He has worked with council officials for the same purpose.

Ross is interested in working with MSPs and the Council regarding South Lanarkshire Council’s Autism Strategy.

Ross is also a Trustee of Celtic Music Radio, a community radio station based in Glasgow.

Fiona Esler (Secretary)

Fiona also has much experience running Teen Groups via the NAS.

Andrew Morrow

Andrew is Linda’s long suffering …..