About Us

Supporting Autism In Lanarkshire (sail autism) is a new local charity founded in August 2016 to support individuals and families affected by autism. We are also keen to support professionals working in the autism field.

With over 15 years of experience, our trustees have assisted hundreds of families with       practical advice, signposting and events for everyone to take part in.

sail autism has been set up to expand upon our previous successes, aiming to ensure everyone is included.

We aim to raise understanding of autism by promoting the condition to the general public through literature and events.

We aim to work in partnership with other charities and statutory bodies to provide services and effect change in policies and  processes to make life easier for individuals with autism, their families and carers.

sail autism is managed by a small team of volunteers. Some have a family member with an ASD; some have an interest in ASD. The more people involved, the more we can achieve.

Please make contact if you would like to help.

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